Important Guidelines for Authors

The International Journal of Microwave and Optical Technology (IJMOT) is completely an online journal. It uses online publication, manuscript submission and review system. To submit your manuscript, go to Online Submission System in the website: and follow the instructions. We are accepting papers in PDF format only.

Authors are requested to write an original and unpublished research paper and format it correctly as per the given format on our website Click Here to Download IJMOT Manuscript Template.
Note : Incorrectly formatted papers are deemed to be rejected by editors. We have zero tolerance to plagiarism and all papers are checked with plagiarism checkers before starting the review process.


  • The manuscript should be submitted in English only and the presentation should be as succinct as possible. Total length of the manuscript including figures and references should not exceed 10 pages, Letter Size (8.5 in X 11in or 21.59 cm X 27.94 cm).
  • The manuscript submission is a representation that it has not been archivally published before and is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • Manuscripts that are purely commercial in nature will not be considered for publication.
  • The authors should indicate in a foot-note on the first page if a preliminary report about the manuscript has appeared elsewhere or presented in the conferences etc. If so a copy of such a publication should be attached at the time of submission for comparison purpose as the manuscript should have at least 60% additional work accomplished otherwise it will not be considered.
  • All the manuscripts are peer-reviewed by the editorial board members or other expert referees.
  • The manuscripts accepted for publication are edited for conformance to the IJMOT style and format. Also the manuscripts may be accepted for publication as either full-length paper or short-paper depending on the length and contents.
  • All manuscripts should use metric units unless to do so is not feasible or would result in a loss of clarity of the material.
  • Still have a query? please Contact Us for further assistance. OR Write us:

All the manuscripts should contain the following:

  • First Page: Must list the title (18 fonts size and centered) with capital and small letters combination and bold face on the top and complete name(s) of the author(s) in the second line (11 fonts size); affiliations and complete mailing addresses in the third line followed by e-mail address of the corresponding author (all in 10 fonts size). The corresponding author should be indicated with an asterisk: *.
  • Abstract/Index Terms: The abstract should follow after 2 line separation and it should have 200-1000 characters followed by Index Terms: six maximum on a separate line. These both must be in bold face letters (10 font size).The word Abstract and Index Terms should be in Italics and bold face letters.
  • Text: The text should follow the index terms after two line spacing. Abstract (included) onward the manuscript must be in two column format with 10 mm spacing between the columns. Use 11 point "Times New Roman" font or its equivalent for entire manuscript. The manuscript must have 2.5 cm spacing on top, bottom, left and right.
    Any new paragraph should start with one line spacing from pervious paragraph without indentation. Each section heading of the text should be in CAPITAL letters and should be numbered in Greek Letters viz. I, II, etc.. Each subsection heading should be in Italics with combination of capital and small letters and numbered as A, B, etc. Please note that the Fig. caption and Table titles should be in 10 font size.
  • Conclusion: Conclusion is an important part of a paper and it should review the main points of the paper. Please be advised that the abstract should not be repeated here. It may also suggest importance of the work, applications and future extensions.
  • Appendix: Appendices, if any should be given before the acknowledgement.
  • Acknowledgements: Acknowledgements should be given at the end of the text but before references.
  • References: Use 9 font size for all the references as given in IJMOT Tempalte
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