Publication Charges

  1. Upto 8 pages Flat rate :  $100 + 5(Paypal Fee)   (Total - $105 for Paypal OR $125 for Bank Transfer)

  2. Additional Pages after 8 pages      $30   per page

1. No paper will be published in IJMOT without the payment of publication charges as listed above.

2. If the authors' organization/university/institution is an annual subscriber of IJMOT during that period, the publication fee up to 8 pages would be 50% ($50 +5=$55) of the regular fee. It means, if the authors would like to have publication fee to be 50% (up to 8 pages), they should request their organization/university/institution to subscribe IJMOT without any delay. After 8 pages it will be $30 per page as additional fee.

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